Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness

vision strategy

Mission & Vision Casting

A mission statement should never be a clever statement hanging on the wall. A mission should define the reason a organization exists and all activity the business or school undertakes should be with the intent of driving toward realizing the mission. We can help you craft your mission statement and live to fulfill its promise.

setting goals sign

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

One of our strengths is our ability to engage the stakeholders and staff in effective strategic planning. We can help you assess where you stand today and determine how to move you toward where you need to be tomorrow. We will help your organization become goal and results obsessed.

team of teachers

Effective Teaming

It is important for the leadership to work together as a team – and for the board as well. In fact, it is important for the entire staff to work effectively as a team if the organization is to achieve optimal results. We know what it takes to transform the staff from a group of individuals into a team motivated to get results.



advertising and marketing

Image & Marketing

Everything you do and everything you say impacts your image and reputation. We can help you develop a marketing plan that moves beyond simply advertising to engaging all that you do to shape your image within the community.


hiring and staffing

Staffing – Hiring, Aligning, Training, & Empowering

We can help you select staff that have the best chance of success in your business or school. We can help you place them in a way that best uses their strengths, talents and abilities. This leads to team members who are effectively engaged in advancing toward optimal results – and enjoying it.